TSA Travel and Security Tips

TSA Travel and Security Tips:

The Transportation Security Administration(TSA) is the federal agency responsible for securing U.S. transportation systems. Formed shortly following the tragedies of September 11, the agency is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Along with assistance from the Airport Operations and City Of Williston Police, the TSA at Williston oversees the security and safety of everyone working or traveling through the Williston Airport.

Open Times

Security checkpoints open at approximately the same time as the airline ticket counters.

TSA PreCheck

As part of this program, you may receive the benefit of no longer removing the following items:

  • Shoes stay on
  • 3-1-1 Compliant bag from carry-on
  • Laptop from bag
  • Light outerwear/jacket
  • Belt

Dedicated PreCheck times at Sloulin Field International Airport (ISN):

  • 4:30 AM-4:40 AM
  • 6:30 AM-6:40 AM
  • 11:30 AM-11:40 AM
  • 4:00 PM-4:10 PM